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What do partners REALLY want from a business development team? This is a question that has long been deliberated, and whilst the obvious answer is “leads, of course!” I think there is disconnect as to what defines a lead. In other, more product led sectors, a lead will be generated via an online or telesales campaign, but this wouldn’t work for the more complex sell of legal services. We meet many business development professionals who we think do an excellent ...
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Everyone hates this question, but it’s worth spending some time perfecting your answer.
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When looking for a new role, one of the top two reasons for leaving is financially motivated, which is understandable given the high cost of living and the long hours often required in the legal sector. Added to which, the last few years have been tough for marketing and BD teams in legal, with teams being very lean as a result of the downturn, the impact has been that many people are working longer hours and covering the roles that may have previously been done by two or even three ...
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How can firms safeguard their staff now the market is moving? Simone Timcke and Frosso Miltiadou have some ideas.
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Striking the right note in your job search
Looking for a new job can feel like a full time job in itself so it's important you take an organised approach. Many people start their search by trawling through the adverts placed on job boards by agencies and companies, sending their CV off and hoping for a call back. Whilst job boards are a great starting point they can be a minefield.
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Striking the right note in your job search  

Looking for a new job can feel like a full time job in itself so it's important you take an organised approach.  Many people start their search by trawling through the adverts placed on job boards by agencies and companies, sending their CV off and hoping for a call back.   Whilst job boards are a great starting point they can be a minefield.  We'd like to advise you on how to get better results and manage your search more productively. Begin by making a note of a couple of the agencies posting the types of roles that you are interested in.  Take time to review how the adverts are written.  The recruiters who take time to write an engaging advert rather than just cutting and pasting a job spec will probably take a more professional approach to your job search.  Send your CV to your shortlisted agencies and expect a call within 24-48 hours.  During that call you should expect to talk through the basics of your experience, what you're looking for and a face-to-face meeting should be arranged.  Be wary of agencies who don’t appear interested in meeting you before putting your CV forward for roles or simply tell you about roles without furnishing you with a job spec or at the very least detailed information about the opportunity. The purpose of the face-to-face meeting is for your recruitment consultant to gather all the information they need to help you in your job search and maximise your chances of getting a role that is right for you.  The meeting should be a competency based interview in order to get you thinking about your experience and achievements in advance of any interviews and also to provide your consultant with all the information they need to recommend you for interview.     The meeting should also cover your strengths, drivers and motivations; this will help them match you to the right organisations. The recruiter should also give you feedback and guidance on your CV as well as your interviewing technique to give you the best possible chance of securing an interview and ultimately a job offer. It's also a good idea to keep track of which roles your CV has been submitted for whether you have submitted it yourself or whether a recruitment agency has done it on your behalf. This is particularly important if you are registered with more than one agency.  Employers get terribly frustrated if they receive an applicant’s CV more than once – it can reflect badly on you because it implies that you are not in control of your job search.  The best way to avoid this happening is to make it clear to the recruitment consultancies that you are working with that you do not want them to submit your details for any role without getting your prior permission, ideally in writing.   If you do find yourself in this tricky situation, however, remember that it is your job search and that you are in control of it.  The best thing to do is to politely email or speak to the company which has received your CV twice.  Apologise for the mishap and explain which agency you would like to represent you.  Ultimately it is your decision but this should be done on the basis of which agency has acted the most ethically, advised and briefed you fully and got your permission to go forward for the role.  After all this is the agency that is likely to get you the job that you really want.   If you follow these simple steps it should be too long before the right role comes along.  If you'd like further advice on how to handle your job search please get in touch.

Anthem Quarterly Bugle…

We’re delighted to say we had a very successful and busy first quarter trading in Q4 of 2013 and are excited for our first full year!

Q4 of 2013 was busy and it was interesting for us to see roles being recruited across all areas of professional services including property, which has certainly been the hardest hit during the down turn. A number of firms in commercial real estate hired bids and marketing roles and we’re pleased to see these positive signs that a recovery is underway.

As always, we saw the highest demand for talent in the legal sector, and whilst the main focus remains on bids and business development roles, there were some fuller mix marketing roles too. It was also encouraging to see one or two firms investing in their events team too, an area that’s taken more of a back seat as firms have made business development and client relationship management a priority.

The war for top talent rages on and finding good people remains the biggest challenge for all firms. Many candidates we spoke to at the end of the year were settled but many said they may consider a move from spring onwards. As the market remains competitive, it’s more important than ever that firms who want to hire really sell themselves to prospective employers.

A good candidate will probably be considering several opportunities and if you want them in your organisation it’s vital you tell them what the role on offer will do for their career. Many candidates want to get involved in projects and client work so if this is something that can happen, it’s a good selling point. We’d also continue to encourage firms to consider applicants from outside the legal sector. Particularly if they come from the sector on which a role may be focussed and there have been some good examples of firms that have made very successful hires by being more open.

The concerns are often the ability to transition into a partnership environment and master that important blend of consultative sales techniques with gravitas, the ability to influence senior stakeholders and also project manage a long sales cycle. But with the right interview process it is possible to find candidates with the aptitude to grasp the complex nature of professional services and your business will benefit from a more diverse and commercial support team.

We look forward to working with more of you in 2014 and we’re always happy to speak to anyone looking for market information and news!

A New Voice in Professional Services Marketing Recruitment

Frosso Miltiadou and Simone Timcke are proud to announce the launch of Anthem Consulting - a new recruitment consultancy specialising in marketing and business development roles into the professional services arena. Frosso and Simone are leaders in the professional services recruitment market and between them have over 20 years' experience in both recruitment and search. They have a formidable reputation for their honest and consultative approach as well as having their expert knowledge of the professional services market.

Anthem aims to provide transparent recruitment, consulting services and talent management programmes that make a difference to both organisations and individuals. We believe in the importance of treating our clients and our candidates equally and building long-term lasting partnerships with both.

Anthem will specialise in the recruitment of marketing and business development professionals at all levels to Director level across legal, accountancy, property, management consultancy, the built environment and professional bodies. We will service all marketing and business development roles including specialist roles such as practice management, knowledge management, InterAction and digital roles.

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