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Part three – Confidence; is a lack of the confidence the true barrier to our success?
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Part two – Is maternity and part-time working still the elephant in the room?
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Part one – Every day sexism, and are we our own worst enemy?
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What do partners REALLY want from a business development team? This is a question that has long been deliberated, and whilst the obvious answer is “leads, of course!” I think there is disconnect as to what defines a lead. In other, more product led sectors, a lead will be generated via an online or telesales campaign, but this wouldn’t work for the more complex sell of legal services. We meet many business development professionals who we think do an excellent ...
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Everyone hates this question, but it’s worth spending some time perfecting your answer.
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When looking for a new role, one of the top two reasons for leaving is financially motivated, which is understandable given the high cost of living and the long hours often required in the legal sector. Added to which, the last few years have been tough for marketing and BD teams in legal, with teams being very lean as a result of the downturn, the impact has been that many people are working longer hours and covering the roles that may have previously been done by two or even three ...
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How can firms safeguard their staff now the market is moving? Simone Timcke and Frosso Miltiadou have some ideas.
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Striking the right note in your job search
Looking for a new job can feel like a full time job in itself so it's important you take an organised approach. Many people start their search by trawling through the adverts placed on job boards by agencies and companies, sending their CV off and hoping for a call back. Whilst job boards are a great starting point they can be a minefield.
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